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Traveling in Mumbai

I work out of home so I am quite become out of tune of the daily commute from hell across Mumbai.

While the local trains are still badly over crowded and traveling the rush hour feels like you have agreed to become a part of a huge mixed fruit jam making process, there were a few pleasant things I noticed.

1. The A.C BRTS buses which have started plying. I stay in Thane and it is my favorite means of transport while going to town

2. The Western Railway trains seems to cleaner, with new coaches and seats that are actually comfortable (gasp!!) Also there is electronic notice board telling you where the train is heading and which station is next. Goody.

3.There many Maruti 800 and Maruti Vans which are now in the cab system. Apparently Maruti has approached the cabbie community and is offering great deals on these cars to them. A upfront discount and near interest free loans.
Good for cabbies, good for Maruti (who is unloading stock in recession) and most of all good for commuters who get to travel in a car which is younger than them.


Facing Redundancy – understand your future


The credit crunch has had a huge impact on business confidence across the globe. Companies are now reacting to the deteriorating market conditions and are looking at ways to tighten their belts so their business can survive these hard times.

Most companies are cutting corners to stay competitive. May it be cuts in stationary or air travel or if the situation is more drastic –jobs.


We recently heard about a UK banker committing suicide by jumping in front of a train. On the other side of the coin, the CEO of an Italian company in India was burgeoned to death by a of disgruntled employees who were dismissed.


We find it most difficult to face redundancy due to social stigma, financial worries and an uncertain future. But the fact is that we worldwide we are seeing a vast number of cut in jobs and they will creep their way around the world including India.





For a pain-free redundancy 

· Always remember it is the “role” that is redundant and not “you” as an individual. It is easy for people to take it personally, but it is never an easy decision for any company to make redundancies.

· There are laws that dictate how redundancies should be handled to protect employees, so make sure you know your rights. If there is no alternative job available for you within the company then redundancy may be the only option. 

· Make sure that your CV is always up to date. If you need help with your C.V. there are services online and offline available to help you design one. 

· Before you leave the company, ask Human Resources or your manager for a reference. Take email addresses or telephone numbers of colleagues you worked with – sometimes redundancy happens unexpectedly so it is always good to be prepared.

·   Check local newspapers, websites of companies you are interested in and speak to friends and family in case they know of opportunities.

· Break out of your mould. Consider that you may have to look at alternative positions to the one you were employed in. It might be possible to transfer your skills into another role.

· Be flexible with your salary expectations – if there are lots of people looking for a fresh challenge it might be necessary to take a lower salary than you were earning before. This may only be a temporary measure but could be essential at this time.

· Make sure you are available for interview. There may be more candidates than vacancies, and there is nothing worse than losing out on a job interview because your phone was switched off or you slept through your alarm. Someone else will snap the position up.

· Try and get temporary experience whilst you are looking for permanent work. This looks great on the C.V. It shows you are willing to work whilst looking for the next job and offers you varied experience as well as sometimes opening more doors. 

· Dress impeccably. Make sure you have a clean interview suit ready to be worn and practice interview techniques with friends or family so that you can answer questions without hesitation.