Corporate blogging services


Business Blogging – the path
to future


for getting into the blogging and self broadcast mode. Technology is
indeed simple, yet it can overwhelm at times along with your usual
business demands. But catching up with technology and getting visible
on the Internet is the need of the hour.

unleashes your knowledge power to reach out anywhere and empower your


why blogging?


  1. It
    is NOT a fashion statement to blog. It is all being able to display
    of all your expertise and knowledge on your area of interest be it
    work or play or even both. Blogging is neither the frivolous nor is
    it small personal talk. If you have more than one business interest
    the blog can be categorized to demarcate it.


  1. A
    blog can give you a competitive edge over your competitor. It is NOT
    for publicity but for credibility when the other make judgement
    about you. When a new client is researching about you, a
    professional well written blog can define you and your business and
    act as the most effective pull marketing agent.


  1. It
    is the best way to keep in touch with your customers and suppliers.
    Every time you publish a new thought or introduce a new product or
    business idea, a newsletter goes to a list of your clients and
    suppliers. Your business gets visibility and your skills are
    highlighted. What more you will get valuable feedback and ideas
    from them to improve your business. People will log in your domain
    somewhere in Lima or London or in Lucknow perhaps.


  1. For
    business owners
    imperative for blogging is even greater. For one thing, search
    engines favour websites that are updated regularly, and blogging is
    a great way to make sure that your content is always fresh, and thus
    regularly checked in on by Google and company. This gives you a much
    better shot of appearing high in the results of Google search.


How do you get started?

Some blogs are
free, while others will cost you a monthly or yearly subscription.
Some are hosted online for you, while others require you to host them
on your own web server.
you want a greater degree of control
the presentation, modification and location of your blog, stand-alone
or self-hosted platforms might be more suitable for your needs.
rank much better in a search engine over a free blog

Here are some
key thing to understand about business blogging

what you want to use it for

You need to be clear what you want to do with your blog right from
the start or else you are quite simply planning to fail and join the
ranks of businesses with forgettable (and most likely forgotten)
blogs. At a basic level, decide if you want to focus on company
branding, or perhaps differentiating your services by writing about
your specific expertise or perhaps carrying out market research with


who you want to read it

Try to be all things to all people and the likelihood is that you’ll
fail to appeal to anyone. The best types of business blogs tend to be
specific in nature so, if you know who you are writing for, then you
should be able to write things that are going to interest them. If
they are interested then they’re going to come back and read
some more and maybe even pass on the news to others that they’ve
found a company who really knows what they’re talking about.


what you want the blog to achieve

while we are thinking about the blog from a business perspective, how
about some targets? You’ll need to measure the results of
course and decide on your criteria – sales enquiries, newsletter
signups, referrals, reduction in customer support requests or reader
numbers are just some of the ones you could use. In any case, if you
don’t know what you want to achieve then how can you tell if
you are doing the right things?


Actual writing of a blog



we create and maintain your blog you need to only write it. The other
important aspects of blogging is taken care by us.

contents need not be huge files. You need just 2-3 paragraphs of 400
words to the maximum. It should be very informative and refreshing
perspective also.

is where we step in. From the information you give us and from our
own sources we create links to other web pages. All you would have to
do is to send a mail to a specific mail id assigned by us. The blog
gets uploaded automatically.

message comes back to you that are you sure want to approve the
uploading. The moment you click Yes, the message gets displayed and
is broadcasted automatically to all concerned who have subscribed.


Blog is always interactive unlike any other media. One can react and
comment. When someone reads your blog and feels to make comment, can
also in the space beneath add the comment. It is up to you to
moderate and approve or delete.

can get analytical reports that from which country is the most
traffic coming to your web site. And you can also know that how many
are the repeat visitor and the unique visitors too.



How will it help your business?

blog helps your business in three prongs

  1. The
    Search Engines picking on the key words display also on the search
    query. When there are more hits on the web, the ranking of the blog
    also increases. The choice to use of which key tag words for search
    engine to display is your empowered tool. As more visitors come to
    your page, the ranking display increases. A lot depends on your
    quality content duly researched is hosted to be on the top search

  2. More
    visitors will create awareness of your business and also increase
    your value amongst your existing clients.

  3. It
    also creates a positive impact on prospective job seekers as they
    get a feel of your company and you.



does Shalini Do?

have the expertise in content making ensure a silent supervision with
handholding through to make you successful and formidable. Follow
are the specific deliverables

service helps you to set up your Business Blog quickly and
effectively. It includes:

  • Pre setup
    discussion and advice on blog planning and definition

  • Set-up of blog
    using a template selection (colour modification where required)

  • Creation of
    profile and contact page

  • Basic guide to
    using WordPress

  • Set-up of your
    Business Blog’s categories

  • Hosting and
    domain if required (as per actuals)

  • A three months
    free support to manage your blog traffic, postings and comments


Terms and conditions – please
read carefully


  1. The
    entire set up take the maximum of one week.


  1. Only
    when I am convinced that it is worth for you to make a blog and
    empower will I be able to comment on undertaking the responsibility.



creation with 3 months maintenance


of Rs 10,000 has to be in advance to commence and the balance to
be paid within 10 days of the first payment.



writing (if required)

1000 per blog post

maintenance of blog after 3 months

5000 per year

and web hosting charges (if needed

per actuals




  1. All
    the issues of business jurisdiction is Mumbai


  1. Any
    statutory tax applicable shall be action


  1. Cheque
    has to be drawn in favour Shalini Amarnani, Axis Bank A/c Number
    061010100231725 and dropped in the local ATM of Axis Bank in your
    town or wire to my account directly or whatever is mutually


  1. Then
    there is a Telephonic and online support of 3 months from the issue
    of the first cheque.


  1. After
    3 months, you can avail the Annual Maintenance contract of Rs 5000/-
    per year for telephonic and email support.


  1. Please
    note where there some charges like domain name registration and web
    hosting charges etc, they shall be actual.


  1. We
    shall be all along during the blog making and Maintenance part keep
    updating you of the latest innovation on the blog to become more
    interactive. We shall be silently supervising the contents also.
    However the password would have to be changed by you and always kept
    confidential from us to manage effectively.


    Contact Details

    Shalini Amarnani


    Linkedin profile

    Facebook profile





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